• Intelligent Energy Storage

    NETenergy is a thermal energy storage company, based in Chicago. NETenergy has created a thermal battery using its Black Ice technology, that works much like an electrical battery, except it stores thermal energy. By utilizing NETenergy’s thermal battery to store cold energy, building owners can save 30% or more on their energy usage and reduce carbon emissions by 50%.


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  • What we do

    Hybrid Air Conditioner + Thermal Energy Storage TM

    Thermal Energy Storage



    Thermal Energy Storage addresses the problem with on-peak energy consumption. On-peak energy prices are typically 2 – 6 times higher than off-peak energy prices and NETenergy allows customers to save 50% or more on their cooling costs by shifting consumption from on-peak to off-peak. Additionally, this technology can save utilities from spending billions of dollars per year building and maintaining “peaker” power plants that are only used a few times per year.


  • Recent Success

    NETenergy has been busy for the last year!

    Here is some of our recent success!

    Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator

    NETenergy is a proud participant in the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator where we have been awarded $500,000 in funding. As a member of the incubator we will also work with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on developing our technology.


    You can read more about our participation in the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator at the following Chicago Tribune and official press release links below.


    Chicago Tribune Announcement


    Wells Fargo Press Release

    Clean Energy Trust Challenge Winner

    NETenergy is the proud recipient of the $100,000 Pritzker prize!


    The Clean Energy Challenge is a proven launching pad for Midwest clean energy startups.  As the flagship accelerator program of Clean Energy Trust, the Clean Energy Challenge offers finalists industry-leading mentorship, national exposure and the chance to compete for $1 million in investments.


    Ready about our success @ Clean Energy Challenge Winners

    University of Chicago

    New Venture Challenge 2nd Place

    NETenergy is excited to be the 2nd place winner of the University of Chicago New Venture Challenge where we walked away with $40,000 in funding!

    See the story - NVC Winners!

    The New Venture Challenge is the premier start-up program at the
    University of Chicago Booth School of Business, helping students turn entrepreneurial ideas into viable businesses.  The New Venture Challenge has been voted the #4 startup accelerator in the US!


    See the story - Top US Start-up Accelerators



    Chicago Innovation Exchange

    NETenergy is excited to be hosted at the Chicago Innovation Exchange!



    The Chicago Innovation Exchange is University of Chicago’s new hub for multidisciplinary collaborations. The CIE supports business start-up activities and entrepreneurs converting research and ideas into solutions benefiting society. 




    Clean Tech Open

    NETenergy is a proud graduate of the Midwest Clean Tech Open startup accelerator.


    The Cleantech Open is a not-for-profit organization that runs the world’s largest accelerator for cleantech startups. Their mission is to find, fundand foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.



    International Copper Association

    NETenergy is partnered with the International Copper Association to help commercialize thermal energy storage technology using phase change composites.



  • Latest News

    February 2019

  • Team

    Core Team

    Said Al-Hallaj
    Founder and CEO


    Co-Founder and CEO
    All Cell Technologies

    Professor of Chemical Engineering UIC


    Mike Pintar



    10 Years Energy Industry Experience

    Wholesale market energy procurement software


    Chicago Booth MBA


  • Advisors

    Key Advisors

    Hal Stillman


    Intl. Copper Association - Director
    Technology Transfer, Investor in start-ups for 20+ years


    George Crabtree


    Senior Scientist
    Winner of U of C award for distinguished performance twice


    Paul Seidler


    Clean Energy Trust


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